Invisalign Treatment


Invisalign treatment is the latest technology to be introduced in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Clear aligners are relatively new orthodontic dental devices which are basically a clear, removable plastic version of conventional metal braces worn to correct teeth misalignment. These devices are now being used more by more people, thanks largely to the fact that they provide a permanent solution for people with serious orthodontic problems. They work as an invisible brace to take the weight off the front teeth while holding them in place. Check out on the best invisalign katy tx now.
If you've tried applying metal braces before but they haven't worked as well as you'd expected, you'll definitely like Invisalign treatment. It works on the same basis as conventional braces: teeth retainers or Invisalign aligners will be fitted behind the front teeth, taking the pressure off the front teeth while making your site look stronger and more natural. The main advantage of Invisalign treatment is that it gives you a more natural, comfortable smile, eliminating all that bulging and slipping around your teeth, which makes you look less confident and less attractive. Metal braces make your teeth look loose and ill-fitting, but with Invisalign treatment your teeth retainers or aligners look tighter and more fitted - this gives better facial alignment, making you feel better about your appearance.
To undergo the procedure, your orthodontist will need to undertake an initial consultation with you. During this time, he/she will explain the procedure in great detail and answer any questions you may have. In order to be accepted for the Invisalign treatment plan, your initial consultation must be attended on a regular basis by your orthodontist. When considering this type of orthodontics for your particular condition, it is important that you find an experienced, reliable specialist. Not only will you benefit from his/her expertise but also you'll feel confident with the procedure knowing that you'll be getting help on a regular basis from a qualified professional.
For the initial consult, the orthodontist will ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire detailing any problems you may have with your smile. This questionnaire will ask you specific questions about the types of food, beverages, smoking habits, medications you are taking, medications you currently take for your health conditions and your general daily activity. These details are used to determine your exact condition; for example, if you are suffering from hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder then you will be asked specific questions pertaining to these conditions. Your orthodontist will also take an impression of your mouth using a digital camera in order to map your bite for the invisalign treatment.
Invisalign treatment begins with the molds, which are specially designed for your teeth and bite needs. Once the molds are ready they will be applied to your mouth and gradually filled in to make them as close to your original teeth as possible. Once the molds are filled in, your orthodontist will then teach you how to correctly use the aligners. Properly using the aligners is essential in order to correct any problems with your bite.
The benefits of Invisalign treatment aside, the real benefits come when you compare it to traditional braces. Traditional braces are known to cause more issues than Invisalign treatment because they can become uncomfortable after wearing them for some time, which can lead to other oral health issues such as soreness. The trays also add additional weight to your jaw, which can be uncomfortable for some people and cause your mouth to lock up while eating meals. For additional details regarding this topic, check out this link:
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