Should I Remove My Invisalign Treatment During the Two Weeks Before I Get My Invisalign Treatment?


Invisalign treatment is the latest craze in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Clear aligners, also called Invisalign braces, are clear plastic forms of invisible orthodontic braces usually used to straighten teeth without the use of conventional braces. They can be worn like regular braces, under clothing, or removed completely if preferred. The degree to which Invisalign treatment is effective will depend on many factors, such as the severity of the malocclusion and the amount of time you have to wear the aligners. Click on this page to see more about these services.
One factor that can determine how effective your Invisalign treatment will be, is whether or not your dentist can make the aligners feel comfortable during the procedure. If your dentist does not feel confident about the equipment itself, the treatment won't work as well as you would like. Before making your first appointment with the dentist to get your new teeth fitted, be sure to ask what his policy is regarding cosmetic dentistry in your area. In some areas, dental offices might not perform any treatments at all; others require you to wear an Invisalign bracelet throughout the entire year so that your teeth can be straightened every six weeks.
The success of Invisalign treatment depends greatly on your ability to follow the recommended treatment schedule, and even more so, on your willingness to try the new technology. For those who find traditional braces uncomfortable or even downright embarrassing, the new Invisalign brace system might be perfect. To start the treatment, your orthodontist will take an impression of your mouth. From this point, it will be up to your dentist how he or she will customize the Invisalign treatment plan to fit your unique needs.
The Invisalign treatment process works best when the patient is willing to clean their teeth thoroughly before and after the aligner application. For this reason, your dentist may offer you a pre-treatment cleaning service. Removing the plaque from your teeth can take time, which is why it's advised to brush and floss regularly beforehand. Your Invisalign treatment will be more effective if you are also diligent about flossing. Invisalign removable retainers work best for patients who don't mind showing their Invisalign treatment site on their teeth or those with mild to moderate degrees of gum disease. Patients with more sensitive gums should consult their orthodontist about stronger retainers that aren't as visible.
After the Invisalign treatment has been performed, you will be given the option to keep your new teeth with Invisalign removable aligners or remove them, read more at Some insurance companies cover the cost of removing the aligners, but most will cover the cost of retaining them. Your orthodontist will give you a detailed picture of how your teeth will look with Invisalign treatment, which will help you decide whether you want to keep them. If your teeth look great without the Invisalign treatment, you may want to consider removing them. However, you should always remember that the goal of having the Invisalign treatment is to improve your smile and improve your self-esteem.
Keep in mind that Invisalign treatment takes two weeks, but you won't have to remove your aligners for two weeks. It's recommended to wait at least two weeks before removing your aligners, especially if you're a smoker. After two weeks have passed, you should be able to remove the aligners, floss, brush your teeth and get your bite evaluated again by your orthodontist. You will then be able to decide if the two weeks period was a sufficient time investment for your Invisalign treatment. For additional details regarding this topic, check out this link:
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